Scenes from AIDS/LifeCycle 2022

San Francisco to Los Angeles on two wheels.

A gusty, rain-soaked start to the ride on Day 1.
Soon after leaving Santa Cruz on Day 2.
The ultimate skinny-dipping spot, Day 2.
Oak-shaded rest stop views, Day 3.
Abandoned building at one of several military bases we cycled through/past, Day 3.
Reunited with the ocean — and just over halfway! — on Day 4.
Cinnamon roll, Pismo Beach, Day 4. The stuff dreams — and heart attacks — are made of.
Dusk falls over camp at Santa Maria, Day 4. ~2175 riders participated this year.
Sporting a tutu for the first (and likely last time) in honour of “Red Dress Day”, Day 5.
Scrub oak on the way up Gaviota Pass after leaving Lompoc, Day 6.
Marine layer greets cyclists at the bottom of Gaviota Pass, Day 6.
Free ice cream for the cyclists in Santa Barbara, Day 6.
The final night: a candlelit vigil on Ventura beach to remember those lost to AIDS.
Bike parking, Ventura, at the start of the last day of the ride. With bike racks named after music icons, it was easy to remember where you’d left your bike the day before.
545 miles later!



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