Edited in London, The Economist’s coverage of business and politics spans the globe. Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

Of the many things that stand out in Pankaj Mishra’s masterful New Yorker review of Alexander Zevin’s Liberalism at Large, a history of The Economist since it began publishing in 1843, was this:

The staff, predominantly white, is recruited overwhelmingly from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and a disproportionate…

View from an outbuilding doorway.

From Glasgow to the Scottish island of Jura it’s half-an-hour by helicopter. Not having one of those at my disposal, though, it takes me most of the day to get there. First, a large bus winding along moody lochs and around mountains to Kennacraig. Then the big CalMac ferry to…

Every so often you read a novel that leaves you a little breathless. A novel so darn good that it haunts you like a bruised rib, reminding you of the power of fiction, the potential it has to move, connect, provoke, and bear witness.

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, the…

Alexander Matthews

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